Centre of Evidence & Implementation
3rd Biennial Australasian Implementation Conference | Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre  |  5 & 6 October 2016

2016 Program Overview

Pre-conference: Tuesday 4 October


Pre-conference Implementation 101 Workshop - Implementation in Real World Practice

Cheryl Majka, Senior Advisor Implementation, Centre for Evidence and Implementation

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Room: 207

Seating is limited. Tickets ($110) can be purchased via the conference registration.

Day 1: Wednesday 5 October



08:45-09:00 Opening Plenary - Welcome to AIC

Dr Robyn Mildon, Head of the Centre for Evidence and Implementation

Room: 105 & 106
09:00-09:10 Welcome to Country - Wurundjeri Elder Room: 105 & 106
09:10-10:30 Keynote Speakers Room: 105 & 106
09:10 Faye Parriman, Implementation Specialist, Parenting Research Centre, Melbourne
09:25 Adjunct Professor Muriel Bamblett AM, Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency
09:40 Begin with Sustainment in Mind: How Leaders Set the Stage for Effective Implementation

Dr Greg Aarons, Clinical and organisational psychologist and a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego

Sponsored by Family & Community Services, NSW

10:30-10:50 MORNING TEA
10:50-12:10 Room: 105 & 106 Room: 104 Room:103 Room: 102 Room: 101
Concurrent Session 1A

Facilitators & barriers to implementation

Chair: Bianca Albers

Concurrent Session 1B

Implementation Training

Chair: Aron Shlonsky

Concurrent Session 1C

Supporting practitioners in implementation

Chair: Lisa Griffiths

Concurrent Session 1D

Institutional capacity building for implementation

Chair: Ilan Katz

Concurrent Session 1E

Organisational factors in implementation

Chair: Cheryl Majka

10.50 Factors influencing engagement, perceived usefulness and behavioral mechanisms associated with a text message support programme (24)
Associate Professor Julie Redfern
Building capacity for KTE with researchers (65)
Rebecca Armstrong

Support systems for treatment integrity in child and youth care organisations (34)
Pauline Goense
Making research accessible: A repository of program reviews and the provision of TA (75)
Daniel F. Perkins
Who puts the P in EBP: An exploration of pathways of influence on the use of EBP by Australian parenting practitioners (108)
Catherine Wade

11.10 Online self-monitoring to support implementation of routine suicide risk monitoring (12)
Sarah Hetrick
Building Capacity for Knowledge Translation (KT) Researchers in Australia and the U.S. (20)
Margaret Padek
Applying a Systematic Approach to evaluate correctional program integrity (18)
Chua Shu Hui
Implementing knowledge translation strategies in funds research in Canada and Australia: a case study (118)
Therese Fitzpatrick

Meat in the sandwich: The role of frontline clinical managers and supervisors in implementation (9)
Prue Atkins
11.:30 Using Normalisation Process Theory to explore implementation of an enhanced recovery after surgery programme (23)
Eileen Sutton
Evaluation of an implementation training program for clinicians (115)
Rosie Forster
Evidence based approaches to coaching for effective implementation in child welfare services (95)
Margaret Stott
& Emma Baldock
The potential of knowledge brokering intermediary organisations in increasing social science research utilisation: 3 case studies from Australia (121)
Jennifer Bell
The Implementation of cognitive therapies for psychosis into routine care: Outcomes of a 3 year implementation study (5)
Dr Frances Dark
11.50 Addressing Children's needs in emergency management via Implementation Science (102)
Susan Davie
A protocol to improve clinicians' use, participation and leadership of research (69)
Sharon Mickan
Scaling up evidence-based practice at Wanslea Family Services (41)
Pauline Dixon &
Dr Melinda Polimeni
Active Implementation in Practice: The Smith Family's Program Quality Approach (93)
Rebecca Sobczak
12:10-13:00 LUNCH
13:00-14:20 Room: 105 & 106 Room: 104 Room: 103 Room:102 Room: 101
Concurrent Session 2A

Implementation tools

Chair: Pauline Dixon

Sponsored by Wanslea

Concurrent Session 2B


Implementation matters – a story from Singapore

Chair: Pauline Zardo

Concurrent Session 2C

Feasible strategies to drive scale up

Chair: Catherine Wade

Concurrent Session 2D

Guiding implementation through frameworks

Chair: Karen Bevan

Concurrent Session 2E
Sustaining Implementation

Chair: Luke Wolfenden

13.00 Comprehensive Review of Feedback Systems to Support Implementation of Measurement-Based Care in Mental and Behavioral Health
Dr Aaron R Lyon
Implementation Matters: Building Capability of a National Child Development Program (45)
Wan Har Chong
Scaling up state-wide: balancing the need for reach, fidelity and sustainability (88)
Jenna McWilliam
Scalability of Transform-Us! To reduce children's sitting and promote physical activity (38)
Harriet Koorts
Sustainability of EBP: Long-term impact of a national implementation program in a community-based mental health service (54)
Anne-Laure Couineau
13.:20  Sustained Implementation Support Scale: Measuring program and workplace factors (66)
Lauren M. Hodge
From Pilot to National Program: Scaling up of the Development Support Program (DSP) (46)
Shujun Oh
Tailoring local level service delivery models for widespread implementation (112)
Hayley Williams
The BLEED study: Applying Implementation science to improve outcomes for childbearing women  (113)
Sharon Licqurish
Implementing effective population prevention programs for a whole rural community (CTC) (56)
Bosco Rowland
13.40 Development of the Translating Allied Health Knowledge (TAHK) benchmarking tool (96)
Danielle Hitch &
Genevieve Pepin
Implementation of a Teacher Resource in the Singapore Preschool Landscape (47)
Jennifer Tan
A model of cancership survivor care in South Australia - from pilot to scale up (98)
Professor Bogda Koczwara
Using a theoretical framework to implement a shared guideline in the WA CAMHS (91)
Dr. Simon Davies
Uncovering key ingredients to successful program sustainment: A mixed method approach (85)
Brittany R. Cooper
14.00 Novel use of CFIR and NIRN models: sports clubs, mental health and young males (89)
Andrea S. Fogarty
Implementation cycle: Managed or chaotic growth... When will it end? (48)
Hui Nee Tang
Feasibility of a web intervention for sustaining alcohol practices in sports clubs (57)
Tameka Small
Evaluation of Uniting's Practice Framework Implementation (60)
Charlie Chubb
Implementation Leadership - How to be transformational at the top? (103)
Bianca Albers
14:20-14:40 AFTERNOON TEA
14:40-16:00 Keynote Speakers Room: 105 & 106
14:40 Waiting for the magic to happen – why child protection reform often fails to achieve intended outcomes for children

Professor Fiona Arney, Director of the Australian Centre for Child Protection Click here for more information

15:20 Leadership and culture – how they make or break any implementation process

Ms Micaela Cronin, Chief Executive Officer of Hagar International

16:00-16:50 Panel Discussion - Implementation: The missing piece of the evidence puzzle?

Host Paul Ronalds, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children Australia

  • Terry Symonds, Deputy Secretary, Health Service Performance and Programs Division, Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria
  • Mark Moran, PhD, Chair for Development Effectiveness, Institute of Social Science Research, The University of Queensland
  • Ros Baxter, Group Manager for Families Group, Department of Social Services
  • Howard White, CEO of the Campbell Collaboration
16:50-17:30 Poster Sessions with drinks Room: Foyer
Day 2: Thursday 6 October
07:30 Registration  
07:30-08:45 Breakfast Panel Discussion

Building implementation capacity in health services delivery: The AusHSI experience

Sonya Osborne & Megan Campbell, Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation (AusHSI)

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Room: 110

Seating is limited, and guests must be ticketed (included in a full registration) to attend. Please RSVP via the conference registration.

08.50-09.00 Welcome to Day 2

Dr Robyn Mildon, Head of the Centre for Evidence and Implementation

Room: 105 & 106
09.00-10.40 Keynote Speakers  Room: 105 & 106
09:00 Think again – the changing nature of policy implementation

Dr Martin Parkinson, Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet


Why implementation matters for impact and why impact matters for implementation

Howard White, Chief Executive Officer of the Campbell Collaboration

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11:00-12:20 Room: 105 & 106 Room: 104 Room: 103 Room: 102 Room: 101
Concurrent Session 3A

Evaluation of implementation interventions

Chair: Jennifer Bell

Concurrent Session 3B

Implementation for policy development

Chair: Luke Wolfenden

Concurrent Session 3C

Scaling up implementation

Chair: Pauline Zardo

Concurrent Session 3D

Enhancing implementation research

Chair: Aron Shlonsky

Concurrent Session 3E

Implementation in complex systems

Chair: Ilan Katz

11:00 Effects of an implementation intervention for brain injury management: A cluster RCT (35)
Marije Bosch
Increasing schools' implementation of a healthy canteen policy: results from 3 RCTs (43)
Nicole Nathan
Effectiveness in the real world: results of scaling-up an evidence-based program (26)
Kathleen Conte
The CFIR: Comparison across contexts (76)
Melanie Barwick
Cross-country factors influencing evidence-based chronic disease prevention (36)
Elizabeth L. Budd
11:20 Enhancing implementation of an adolescent physical activity intervention: 2 year outcomes (94)
Rachel Sutherland
Validity of various measures to assess compliance of school canteen menus (39)
Kathryn Reilly
National scale-up of a change program in Australian pharmacies (125)
Dr Alison Roberts
The standards for reporting implementation studies (17)
Melanie Barwick
Evaluation findings from a national knowledge translation and exchange platform for obesity prevention in Australia (63)
Tahna Pettman
11:40 Implementation Outcomes of a Social Intervention for children with autism in schools (79)
Dr Jill Locke
Implementation-informed decision-making to promote health in WA (117)
Natasha Pearce &
Denise Sullivan
Necessary and sufficient conditions for effective program implementation (99)
Laura G. Hill
Moving to a new normal: are implementation successes predictable? (31)
Anneke Fitzgerald
Implementation of 'Team Around the Child' for vulnerable families - evaluation findings (14)
Dr Melinda Polimeni
12:00 Improving oral health for older people in the home care setting: an implementation study (6)
Adrienne Lewis
Building Common ground to scale-up disaster-proofing education sector investments (105)
Dr Marla Petal
Implementation drivers and challenges in Corrections (84)
Jasmin Kaur
Maximising hybrid designs for implementation research: Non-experimental approaches (104)
Arno Parolini
12:20-13:10 LUNCH
13:10-14:10 Room: 105 & 106 Room: 104 Room: 103 Room: 102 Room: 101
Concurrent Session 4A

Evaluating implementation

Chair: Joanna Moullin

Concurrent Session 4B

Scaling up in specialist settings

Chair: Karen Bevan

Concurrent Session 4C

Emerging implementation practice in LMIC

Chair: Bianca Albers

Concurrent Session 4D

Building capacity through understanding barriers

Chair: Pauline Dixon

Concurrent Session 4E

Helping evidence become common practice

Chair: Rebecca Armstrong

13:10 Implementation failure or hype? Competing explanations for disappointing finding sin human service delivery (92)
Ilan Katz
Implementing Evidence Informed Practice at Scale (80)
Heather Finlayson
Effective implementation to promote capacity building in LMIC (87)
Jacquie Brown
Building Capacity for Knowledge Translation in occupational therapy (81)
Dr Sally Eames
What do we know about how rapid reviews are implemented in policy agencies? (116)
Gabriel Moore
13:30 Using evaluations for change - the experience of South Africa (82)
Dr Ian Goldman
An intervention to improve nutrition guideline compliance in childcare (110)
Kirsty Seward
Implementation Science or Art: theory based practice, or practice based theory? (122)
Lisa Denney
The implementation journey - learning from the barriers and obstacles (62)
Cathy Stirling
Understanding the Implementation of Public Health Programmes: A Review of Reviews (101)
Thandiwe Hara-Msulira
13:50 Developing evaluation frameworks for programmes to address wicked problems(40)
Carolyn O'Fallon
Challenging Behaviour through a different lens - An Implementation Science Approach (4)
Mary McLennan
Integrating 'lean startup' principles and implementation science to support interventions in international aid (19)
Julie Robinson
Barriers and facilitators to general practitioner use of exercise and weight loss interventions for managing knee osteoarthritis (73)
Thorlene Egerton
Helping great practice to become common practice: a survey of implementation support resources for school educators (106)
Matthew Deeble
14:10-14:30 AFTERNOON TEA

Keynote Speakers

Chair: Dr Robyn Mildon

 Room: 105 & 106
14:30 Taking a Problem-Solving Approach to Implementation and Sustainment

Dr Greg Aarons, Clinical and organisational psychologist and a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego

15:20 Implementation science and practice networks: what they are, how they work

Dr Aaron Lyon, Clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor in the University of Washington's (UW)
Ms Bianca Albers, Senior Advisor, Evidence in Practice & Policy at the Centre for Evidence and Implementation

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Where from here? Progressing the Australasian Implementation Science and Practice Agenda

Dr Robyn Mildon, Head of the Centre for Evidence and Implementation

Room: 105 & 106