Centre of Evidence & Implementation
1st Biennial Australasian Implementation Conference | Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre  |  25 & 26 October 2012

Implementation Science Development Workshop (ISDW)
Tuesday 4 October, 13:30 – 17:00pm | University of Melbourne

The Australasian Implementation Conference 2016 program committee, in collaboration with the Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC), is hosting its inaugural pre-conference Implementation Science Development Workshop (ISDW), Tuesday 4 October.

What is the ISDW?
The ISDW is an invitation-only, half-day event that will be presented across a number of workshops. It provides the opportunity for individuals involved in, and with, implementation science to present 'works in development' – that is, planned grant submissions, project concepts or evaluation plans – and to receive structured feedback from colleagues.

These workshops will maximise the methodology of new and in-progress implementation research and practice projects, as well as build collaboration between workshop participants.

Who is the ISDW relevant to?
The ISDW is open to researchers, evaluators, evidence intermediaries, practitioners and policymakers conducting implementation research projects and/or applying knowledge from implementation science to their work.

Participants can be involved in one of two ways:

  • As a presenter – submitting 'works in progress' and providing feedback to other participants
  • As a participant only – offering constructive input and feedback to those presenting

Where the ISDW concept came from
The SIRC team developed the concept and format of these workshops as part of the Biennial SIRC conferences held in 2011, 2013 and 2015 in Seattle, Washington, USA. A sub-group from the AIC program committee, in collaboration with members of the SIRC leadership, have tailored the idea for inclusion in the AIC 2016 pre-conference program.

Next steps
If you think your work is relevant to this pre-conference workshop, please send an expression of interest to either Associate Professor Robyn Mildon (robyn.mildon@cei.org.au) or
Bianca Albers (bianca.albers@cei.org.au) for further information.



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4th Biennial Australasian Implementation Conference
22-24 October 2018

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