Centre of Evidence & Implementation
3rd Biennial Australasian Implementation Conference | Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre  |  5 & 6 October 2016

The Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI)

At the Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI) we are dedicated to using the best evidence in practice and policy to improve the lives of children, families and communities facing adversity.
We work with researchers, policymakers, organisational leaders and practitioners – across Australia and around the world – to strengthen programs and policy through science-based innovation.
We do this by supporting the use of evidence in programs and policy across education, human services and international development.
We bring specialist skills in:

  • Supporting sustained change in the behaviour of systems, organisations and individuals. We put a strong emphasis on supporting and strengthening the core components of effective program implementation.
  • Providing knowledge translation to policymakers, and relevant stakeholders, so they can access – and use – research for evidence-informed decision-making.
  • Program design – selecting and creating evidence-informed programs and services to achieve outcomes for children, family and communities.
  • Conducting rigorous evaluations, and assessing the long-term effect of outcomes.

The science and practice of knowledge translation and implementation are cornerstones of this work, and we are proud to co-host the AIC in 2018.

Dr Robyn Mildon Dr Robyn Mildon
Head of the Centre for Evidence and Implementation

Centre for Evidence and Implementation

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Key Dates

4th Biennial Australasian Implementation Conference
22-24 October 2018

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We acknowledge the success and ongoing support of ARACY and the Parenting Research Centre as the founding hosts of this conference series.